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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Royal Dalton House.

Does The Royal Dalton House offer independent living?

While The Royal Dalton House is considered an assisted living facility, the community is located next door to the Deer Park Cottages, which will offer independent living accommodations. For more information on the Deer Park Cottages, please visit

How can I apply for assisted living?

Seniors seeking assisted living must complete the state required AHCA 1823 form. This paperworkdictates that a health assessment be made of the potential resident by his or her primary care physician.

Does The Royal Dalton House accept Medicare or Medicaid?

The Royal Dalton House will not accept payments made through Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare will not cover assisted living costs at any assisted living facility. The Royal Dalton House will accept certain forms of long term care insurance and payments made out of pocket. For more information, please fill out a form on our Contact Us page.

Are residents billed yearly or on a month-to-month basis?

Residentswill be billed on a month to month basis.

What methods of payment does The Royal Dalton House accept?

Residents may pay via ACH, an automatic debit system that is set up before a resident commences their stay at The Royal Dalton House. Future residents will set up a date and time to complete paperwork before their move-in date. This paperwork comprises an automatic debit authorization form which necessitates future residents to provide a voided check with their bank information. These payments will be routinely debited from the account every month.

How long is a Royal Dalton House lease? How would I terminate a lease with The Royal Dalton House?

The Royal Dalton Housewill offer year long leases. Residents can terminate a lease as long as he or she givesThe Royal Dalton House a 30-day written notice.

Does The Royal Dalton House require a security deposit to reserve a room?

The Royal Dalton House requires a one-time non-refundable community reservation fee.

Does the assisted living room rate include levels of care?

The assisted living room rate does not include levels of care. The level of care price is an additional cost added to the base room rate. The level of care price may change based on a resident’s change of condition. If a member of The Royal Dalton staff observes a change in a resident’s ADL or Activities of Daily Living, the resident may require a more intricate level of care which could thenincrease the level of care fee.

Is the Memory Care rate all inclusive?

No, Memory Care rate is not all inclusive. The Royal Dalton House offers a base Memory Care rate and a second level of care for residents who may require asupplementary level of support.

How does The Royal Dalton House determine a resident’s required level of care?

Residents go through a functional assessment to determine their needs before beginning their stay at The Royal Dalton House. The assessment evaluates residents on their ADLs or Activities of Daily Living. For future residents, the evaluation can be done before a commitment is made so they mayunderstand the costs that may be associated with their necessary level of care. This assessment will be completed by The Royal Dalton House Administrator and Nurse Manager. Current residents will be reassessed based on a change in condition, and this exam will be done at no extra charge by The Royal Dalton House nursing staff.